Improving the lives of patients benefiting from the advantages of adbone®!

Medbone® – Medical Devices was founded in 2008 as a manufacturer of medical devices – bone substitutes used in medical surgery.

Taking always into consideration the internationalization and constant growth of the company, Medbone early invested in the development of products, which combine high quality with strong benefits for the patient that used them.

Since improving the patients’ quality of life is the final goal of Medbone, all our products have synthetic origin, which has major advantages compared to other solutions on the market: there is no risk of infections, no contraindications, and all of our products are 100% resorbable, due to the similarities to natural bone.

In today’s world, where every day the development of new technologies and new products emerge, Medbone wants to meet the needs of the market. For that reason, we work every day in the development of new products and with increasingly diversified applications.